7 Key Federal Funding Trends in 2024

February 6, 2024
7 Key Federal Funding Trends in 2024

The US federal government has big plans for strategic investment in transformative technology in 2024.

Grantify’s federal funding experts have analyzed the landscape of government announcements and funding data over the past 12 months to bring you seven key areas for investment this year.

If your innovative tech startup aligns with these trends, 2024 could be your year to secure game-changing government funding.

  1. Innovation and Partnerships
    A remarkable $1.2 billion is allocated to NSF’s Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships, fostering a bridge between scientific research and practical industry innovations​​.
  2. Emerging Technologies
    With a substantial $25 billion investment under the CHIPS and Science Act, the focus is on next-gen technologies like AI, biotech, and quantum science.
  3. Climate and Clean Energy
    A forward-looking $16.5 billion is set to advance climate science and propel clean energy innovations, aligning with the net-zero 2050 climate goal.
  4. Life Sciences and Public Health
    The National Institutes of Health receives a whopping $48.6 billion, supporting the ambitious Cancer Moonshot and other critical health initiatives​​.
  5. Regional Innovation
    $300 million is dedicated to the NSF’s Regional Innovation Engines program, bolstering local tech innovation and job creation in diverse communities​​.
  6. STEM Education
    A significant $1.4 billion investment in NSF aims to expand STEM opportunities, especially for underrepresented communities and women in science and engineering​​.
  7. Defense and Security
    DARPA’s $4.4 billion funding emphasizes breakthrough technologies for national security, ensuring America’s technological edge​​.

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

2024’s federal funding budget reflects a robust commitment to driving innovation, equity, and sustainable growth across multiple technology sectors.

For tech startups and innovators, aligning wIth these trends could unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth.

Partner with Grantify and you’ll tap into federal funding expertise, and get access to our unique AI-driven portal, streamlining grant applications for major US funders.

To date, we’ve helped and empowered over 400 innovators, securing over $100M in funding, strengthening our ambition to become the world’s leading fundraising launchpad, meticulously engineered to simplify funding and boost business growth.

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