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Supreme Robot

Supreme Robot applied for an SBIR grant with Grantify. Their project was to create a narrative interface so blind or physically disabled people can succesfully interact with games and technology. See what Victor had to say about the experience.

"Without Grantify, I can see how it would have been insurmountable"

Noble Life Sciences

Alain from Noble Life sciences applied for an SBIR grant with Grantify to fund development of a breast cancer diagnostics test. See what he had to say about the experience.

"This has been a revelation of a process"


Thad from Parkent was kind enough to give us his time to tell you his thoughts on our service. See what he had to say.

"Working with Grantify has [meant] we've been able to find the working capital that we needed to move forward and get our business known nationally"

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Arbor Steel

Outstanding, really helpful, highly accessible. The team gave cheerful guidance that was most effective. I’m really happy to recommend and their costs were reasonable, so it felt like a true collaboration.

R&D Tax Credits


The Grantify team throughout our application process were really helpful and great to work with. We found their platform, templates and tools to be easy to use and understand. The team were quick to turn around responses to any questions we had, and we would highly recommend them to any start up looking to secure grant funding.

Smart Grant

Fresh Check

The Grantify platform was fantastic! The platform provides a great method of breaking down what Innovate is expecting as answers. It also gives fantastic examples to detail how to write accurate and well worded answers. One of the key provisions of the platform is a word count for each point to ensure you do not write too much or too little on key topics. The team at Grantify are also fantastic, providing personalised feedback promptly and in general answering questions here and there as you fill out the application. They have been a very friendly bunch who have saved us a lot of time! One of the pieces of feedback from our assessor was: "This is by far the best example of a project submission that I have seen in a while under this or any other competition call." Which I really think speaks volumes for Grantify!

EIC Accelerator Grant


We have been developing productivity software for many years but it was the helpful team at Grantify who woke us up to the grants available for a project which was on the back burner due to the impact on resources caused by the pandemic. They guided us through the whole process and were fantastically responsive if we needed extra help. I can't recommend them highly enough.

EIC Accelerator Grant
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