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Over the last five years, we’ve helped hundreds of innovators secure over $155M in non-equity, non-repayable grants so they can focus on what they do 
best: bringing groundbreaking ideas to life.

Grantify simplifies the complex world of government tech grants using a unique blend of human expertise and cutting-edge AI.


Simpler. Faster. Proven.


Our platform turns dry, confusing applications into a simple step-by-step process.


Clients typically submit applications in under a week, 7x faster than applying solo.


Grantify startups have secured up to 72% of all funding available in a single round.

Our Story

From a bootstrapped, grant-supported startup to ranking among The Sunday Times 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2024, Grantify has come a long way in a short time.

In less than five years, our cutting-edge platform and international team of experts have secured over $155M in non-dilutive funding for hundreds of innovative companies with game-changing ideas.

Turning frustration into innovation

Grantify was born out of frustration.

In 2019, our founders Mat and Luke secured two six-figure grants for their fledgling startup.

The funding breathed life into the business, but the application process was opaque, confusing, and painfully slow, requiring a patchwork of freelancers and experts.

There had to be a better way.

Inspired by their experience, Mat and Luke set out to revolutionise the grant funding process. They envisioned a service that would streamline applications, leveraging the power of AI to help businesses secure the funding they deserve in a fraction of the time.Fast forward to today. Grantify has grown from a grant platform led by two founders into a complete fundraising ecosystem guided by a passionate team over 100 strong.

The Grantify Approach

Securing grants isn't just about filling out forms – it's about knowing the winning strategies.

Grantify provides everything you need at every stage of the process, offering data-driven insights from hundreds of past applications in a platform that adapts to market conditions and assessor feedback to maximise your funding success.

Personalised Guidance

A dedicated Grant Expert partners with you to identify the best funding opportunities and craft a compelling application strategy.

AI-powered platform

Our platform simplifies complex processes, generates model answers from your notes, and helps you find the perfect supporting references, saving precious time and effort.

Expert reviews

Our team meticulously reviews your application, providing multiple feedback rounds based on hundreds of past winners, plus free resubmission if initially unsuccessful.

Post-grant support

You get access to a vast network of partners, perks, and resources worth more than £300K to support your growth in every way possible.

Without Grantify, I can see how it would have been insurmountable.

Supreme Robot

Supreme Robot applied for an SBIR grant with Grantify

This process has been a revelation.

Noble Life Sciences

Noble Life sciences applied for an SBIR grant with Grantify to fund development of a breast cancer diagnostics test

Working with Grantify has [meant] we've been able to find the working capital that we needed to move forward and get our business known nationally.


Won federal grant funding for critical working capital needs

Grantify were an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly informative and supportive on what frankly would have been an insurmountable task.


Augmented Reality & AI/Computer Vision Tech

They were even happy to spend hours on the phone with us as and when we needed it throughout our application.


The first end-to-end hiring solution for entertainment industry professionals

Your strategic growth partner

We believe innovators deserve more than just funding – they need a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and partnerships to scale their ideas and make a lasting impact.

We go beyond grant applications to provide:

Partner perks

Access over £300K in exclusive discounts and free credits for events and essential services like AWS, HubSpot, and design tools.

Product development support

Get connected with our curated network of specialists in AI, blockchain, app development, and more to overcome technical hurdles.

Sustainable growth

We'll guide you through B-Corp certification, demonstrating your commitment to social and environmental impact.

Investor connections

Tap into our investor network managing billions, positioning your business for follow-on funding to reach the next level.

Let's fuel your innovation together

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