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The unique Grantify platform is a powerful online tool that streamlines the application process and makes it simpler and more efficient to apply for grants. You’ll get detailed guidance and model answers, plus access to a dedicated support channel of experts.


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Where do good projects fail?

We’ve talked to amazing businesses with incredible innovations, who have lost out on federal technology grants due to exam board “requirements”.

This happens because they’re experts on their projects, not professional writers or researchers. Without a proven and tested process, federal grant applications get rejected.

Traditional grant consultancies don’t guarantee funding for businesses or research and development, making you jump through hoops like:

– Wasting your time reading long, open-ended instructional PDFs
– Endless, vague suggestions for change
– Writing it all yourself from nothing

You can avoid all of this when you apply for grant money with Grantify.

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We believe you deserve the best possible chance of success when applying for grant programs

What you're up against on your own

Wasted time searching for your best funding options

Confusing T&Cs and small print

Frustratingly open-ended advice and criteria for success

Wasting weeks for your time

Competing against professionally written applications

Disheartening, low success rates

Finding the Right Federal Grant for Your Business

The US Government is empowering small business owners with tech grants of up to $2 million for companies developing technology or science-driven innovations. You do NOT have to pay this back. There is no catch.

Check your eligibility for a federal technology grant in minutes with our fast, free tool.

What the Grantify Platform Does for You

Breaks down the complex grant program application process into short simple questions

Provides model answers that contain the detail federal grant assessors are looking for

Guides you throughout the entire process

Writes sections of the federal grant application for you

Provides enterprise-level access to crucial market research database

Builds a federal technology grant application from your answers, saving valuable time

How it works


Take the Quiz

Take our self-assessment quiz to see if your business is eligible for a federal grant, then book a free call. One of our consultants will review your position and advise on your grant program options, including other suitable federal technology grants for funding your businesses.


Access the platform

Log in to our easy-to-use platform. It’ll show you how to write your application by breaking down the complex tech grant application process into short simple questions.


Follow the step-by-step guidance

In the nifty platform you’ll find model answers to help you write a winning federal technology grant application in the platform. Our support team will also be on hand to help throughout.


Let the tech work its magic

Our clever technology in our platform will build a federal technology grant application from your answers and allocate it to our experts for review. They conduct multiple rounds of proofreading and editing to improve your tech grant application before submitting.

Already Applied?

You’ve still come to the right place, even if you’ve applied for a federal grant before or have already had your project pitch accepted!

You’ll get an edge over the competition with our specialized platform, especially at the more advanced levels of the tech grant application process.

Simply take the quiz and book your call with us.

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Check out your federal technology grant eligibility with our free self-assessment quiz and book a no-obligation call with our friendly team. Rounds of funding for businesses are closing all the time, so don’t miss out.

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