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Fixie received an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation grant, and also an Innovate UK Smart Grant. See what they had to say.

"You could waste so much time writing something that's not relevant... [Grantify] have the structure and the form that breaks everything down"


Montague-Sykes Ltd received an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation grant, and also an Innovate UK Smart Grant. See what they had to say.

"If we’d tried to apply for the grant independently, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would have failed."


EQL were kind enough to give us their time to tell you their thoughts on our service. See what they had to say.

"Grantify were an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly informative and supportive on what frankly would have been an insurmountable task."

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Grantify were very proactive to reach out in helping us understand the type of grants that are best available to us. The ease of use of the platform was of great benefit, as was the structured process and project costing template which assisted us greatly.


After many unsuccessful attempts to apply for grants on our own, we turned to Grantify, who expertly and efficiently walked us through the process. From start to finish the team at Grantify have been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using their services. We had a first time success and are now in a position to turbocharge our product.


Applying for an Innovate UK grant is a daunting process but Grantify make it all seem so much more tractable. From the moment I signed into their platform I was able to structure my time and work on the grant application and save countless hours and days with the formatting and preparing of the grant submission. Their expertise, flexibility and willingness to help ensured that we made it over the line in the nick of time. Entrepreneurs: Don't try this alone, work with the professionals!


I was unsure about the benefit of using a consultant like Grantify initially. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a Grant application that you can do yourself for free. However, after speaking to David Murray, I was willing to give them a go - and thank god I did. Completing the application through Grantify was fairly involved, so doing it myself would have been a nightmare. And without the direction from Grantify on how to efficiently answer questions, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have stood a chance of winning the Grant.


I was impressed by the service and offer from Grantify. I would certainly recommend their service for Innovate UK grants. The terms are made clear and it represents good value. A reasonable up front fee for a potentially much larger receipt. The submission site provided is very well structured, robust and easy to navigate. It contains easy to understand instructions and guidance throughout. The site comes with clearly set out appendices e.g costings, which can be included in the final submission quickly, as the structure is well defined and disciplined. The Grantfy team are knowledgeable and responsive, should additional questions arise.


This is the first time I applied for a UK Innovate grant and completing this online made me realise how difficult and time-consuming it would have been without Grantify! So many questions are vague and I would have not known where to start. So thanks again, the platform helped hugely! Finding a reviewer highly experienced with cell culture was perfect! He did an excellent job with editing and adding some sections.


Mat and Luke provided some very valuable pointers to help us with our application for the Innovate UK grant. They particularly helped us to tighten the wording to be more impactful, to focus on the elements of our application that made it uniquely strong (e.g. experience of our team), and to effectively present our costing proposal. Their feedback also helped us to focus our efforts on the most important elements of the document given the late hour of our application! Their turnaround was extremely friendly and quick and we are delighted to have been awarded the full amount we applied for. I would recommend Mat and Luke to others bidding for similar schemes in future - thanks guys for your help!


We have received our tax credits into the company bank account over the weekend. I would like to thank the team at Grantify for the superb work that you undertook on our behalf. It’s not every day that a company lives up to every word it says, but on this occasion, you certainly have done just that. I would not hesitate to recommend Grantify to others.

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We used Grantify for our R&D tax credits application. All I can say is I wish I had found out about them earlier! Mat and his team were helpful and knowledgeable and made the process very quick and easy. The chances are, like us, you could be leaving thousands of pounds on the table which could be used to help develop your business in these challenging times. We will be using Grantify in the future and look forward to watching their business grow.


If you’re already a Grantify customer, you’ll know just how special Mat, Luke and their team of Grant specialists are. They put in a huge amount of effort to really understand our business and its potential, then helped us through every stage of the applications process. What I wanted was a service that would save us time. What I got was far more than that – they helped make our final application better than I’d ever hoped it could be!

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