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What is the Innovate UK Smart Grant?

The Innovate UK Smart Grant is the UK government’s flagship grant programme. It awards £125 million to British businesses every year, in any industry, for tech or innovation-based projects.

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What are the Grants For?

Grants are available for tech-based projects, of 6-18 months duration, that offer ‘commercially viable innovative or disruptive ideas’, from any industry, for any part of the economy, from the arts, design and media, to creative industries to science or engineering.

In essence, they want to fund new technology that could help the UK economy grow.

How Much Could I Get?

In theory, you could get up to £2 million. However, that’s more likely to be awarded to multiple businesses collaborating as a single application.

For a first application, we recommend applying for a max £500,000 project.

Who is Eligible?

Any UK-registered SME can apply, working in any industry as long as you are seeking to develop a new, innovative technology.

How Do I Apply?

Grantify's customers submit their application 7x quicker than applying solo

You could apply directly – or you could save valuable time and energy, and apply with Grantify’s AI-driven platform.

The Grantify platform builds your application from start to finish without:

  • Wasting your time reading long, open-ended instructional PDFs.
  • Endless, vague suggestions for change.
  • Writing it all yourself.
  • Sourcing your own market statistics.

Our tech-driven platform will:

  • Break down the complex process into short simple questions.
  • Guide you throughout the entire process.
  • Use model answers from past winners as examples.
  • Write sections of the application for you.
  • Give you free access to your own Statista account to reliably source crucial data.
  • Save your valuable time by building an application from your answers.
By far the best example of a project submission that I have seen in a while under this or any other competition — Innovate UK Examiner, 2020

In fact, in a recent round of government funding, 64% of all winners were produced by the Grantify platform!

If you don’t get funded first time around, we’ll help with your second application for free.

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