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Grants for US Businesses: SBIR & STTR

Secure a game-changing federal grant for your innovation project, with no equity release or match funding required

$3bn waiting to be claimed

Apply in weeks, not months

Access to grant winning automated-tech platform

What is the SBIR Program?

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program offers federal grant funding to small US-based businesses.

The program supports high-impact research and development projects to realize their commercial potential, and bring to life amazing innovations that can strengthen America’s economy – and beyond.

Applications are particularly welcomed from women and socioeconomically- disadvantaged individuals.

Grantify is proud to be working with emerging US companies and entrepreneurs on the SBIR NSF program – the launchpad in a three part application program, taking your idea from concept to global impact.

We help your organization to successfully apply for an SBIR Federal Grant

The unique Grantify platform is a powerful online tool that streamlines the application process and makes it simpler and more efficient for you to apply for an SBIR Federal Grant. You’ll get detailed guidance and model answers, plus access to a dedicated support channel of experts.

To get access to the platform, take our quick project eligibility checker first!

Don't just take our word for it

Here’s one of our clients talking about their experience with the SBIR grant application through Grantify.


We believe you deserve the best possible chance of success

What you're up against on your own

Wasted time searching for your best funding options

Confusing T&Cs and small print

Frustratingly open-ended advice and criteria for success

Wasting weeks for your time

Competing against professionally written applications

Disheartening, low success rates

Start Here: the SBIR/NSF Phase 1 Opportunity

The SBIR program is delivered through different federal agencies, each with different criteria and application requirements. It can be a tough landscape to navigate, but Grantify makes it simple.

We’re helping small businesses like yours apply to the National Science Foundation (NSF), which focuses on advancing American health, prosperity, and welfare through the development of knowledge and technology.

The NSF has a $200m budget for this grant and will fund approximately 400 projects this year, many of which will be startups with fewer than five employees.

All projects must start at Phase I, which offers awards of up to $275,000 – no match funding required and no need to give up any equity in the process!

How to Apply to the SBIR/NSF

There are three distinct, separately-funded phases in the SBIR/NSF program.

  • Phase I tackles everything from the idea stage to a proof of concept or very early prototype.
  • Phase II focuses on additional pre-commercial development. Phase IIB is a supplemental “bridge” award to help you accelerate commercialization. (All three phases require separate applications.)

You’ll begin with a Project Pitch – a 1500-word summary of your Phase I project, roughly three pages in length, that outlines the technical credibility of your idea, the feasibility of commercialization and the strengths of your project team. You will need to complete and successfully pass this step of the application process before starting your full Phase I application.

What the Grantify platform does for you

Breaks down the complex process into short simple questions

Uses model answers from past winners as examples

Guides you throughout the entire process

Writes sections of the application for you

Builds an application from your answers, saving valuable time

Work collaboratively with your team, in application

To be successful on our first try is a testament to the system that Grantify has developed. - Kinaesis

Bring Your Innovation to Life

Your innovation could have a tremendous impact on some of the most important challenges in America today. Bring it to life.

Talk to our federal grant experts today and find out if SBIR is right for you.

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